Construction jobs coming to Cambridge Bay

Construction jobs coming to Cambridge Bay

(NC) - The new $142 million Canadian High Arctic Research Station,scheduled to begin construction this year, will generate about 150 jobs locally, across the North and in more specialized sectors elsewhere in Canada. The world-class research station is also expected to attract between 30 and 50 full-time scientists and support staff, resulting in an influx of new residents as CHARS becomes operational in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

The construction and future operations of CHARS will deliver direct benefits for Cambridge Bay and the surrounding area in terms of employment and service contracts. Once CHARS is operational, the research, capacity-building and outreach activities will provide northerners with skills and experience to better participate in the labour force, from mining and energy through natural resource and wildlife management, to health and life sciences. The station will also help contribute to the economic development and diversification of northern economies.

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