Our area of expertise: Recruitment of management and other complex positions.

With Technogénie: Recruit a qualified candidate to fill an industrial, engineering, or construction management position, or any other vacancy in our job categories (engineering and sciences, IT, procurement, sales, etc.)

Since 1999, we are specialized in recruiting hard-to-fill positions (Executive position, general manager, plant manager, operations manager, production manager).

Unlike other more generalized placement agencies that generally offer temporary and permanent placement services for all levels of positions. Our work cannot be summed up as simply listing job postings on certain web sites and sending out updates on said job postings to a database of candidates.

Our team of headhunters / recruiters knows how to find potential candidates where they are. A good headhunter / recruiter needs to demonstrate creativity and must not limit himself to LinkedIn to get results to fill executive positions (or other complex positions in engineering, information technology, sales and representation, procurement and supply chain, etc.)

Since 1999 we have successfully completed more than 1,000 recruitment. Do not hesitate to contact our recruitment team to find out how we can help you.

We have been recruiting the best candidates for almost 20 years.

Our area of expertise: recruitment for engineering, management positions, engineering technology, IT, sales representatives, procurement, etc.

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