The recruitment of skilled labor: a complex challenge.

Recruiting, in certain circumstances, is an extremely difficult and demanding task. Indeed, many of the positions to be filled are in areas where the scarcity of labor is pervasive and where all companies are snatching the best candidates.

Several factors may explain the difficulty in recruiting and in such circumstances it is not uncommon for human resources specialists in the workplace to be short of ideas and resources to fill a position.

Our fees

Service fees for our recruitment mandates represent a percentage of the candidate's remuneration and, for the different positions, it may range from approximately $ 10,000 to $ 20,000.

What do you get for this investment?

Expertise sought

Specialists in the job market, we give you access to a much wider range of applications than any human resources department by looking at passive researchers who are employed and who make up the vast majority of potential candidates.

A know-how

The biggest challenge is finding good potential candidates. The human resources department can find a candidate, while Technogénie will find « The candidate ».

By refusing to behave as a simple subcontractor of the CV, which merely disseminates a job offer on social networks and positions us as advisors and partners for your success, we offer you our know-how in recruitment.

An excellent value

All the studies show that it is much more expensive to hire a candidate who does not meet established criteria than to invest the money needed to recruit more difficult positions with a specialized recruitment agency. The few thousand dollars to invest in our services are negligible compared to the benefits a good employee can bring to your business in the long run.

The direct and indirect costs of recruitment:

Establishing the cost per job is a very difficult task, as the numbers vary greatly across studies. Certainly they are, for the most part, quite high. According to the « Compensation Planning Outlook » published by the Conference Board of Canada, the average cost per hiring is:

  • $ 43,000 for a senior executive
  • $ 17,000 for a manager / professional
  • $ 13,300 for technical staff
  • $ 3,300 for administrative / support staff

It is therefore interesting to put these figures in perspective compared to our recruitment / headhunting tariffs are more affordable.

Our headhunters are experts in the recruitment of specialized positions.

Our area of expertise: Recruitment of management and other complex positions.

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