Our success rate

A success rate above 90% in staffing

With a success rate above 90%, we can affirm that we are able to satisfy the expectations of our customers and to accompany them throughout the process leading to the success of our recruitment. After all, recruiting is our job.

The major objective of a recruitment agency is to find the right candidates to transform a potential candidate into an interested candidate. It is not enough to send hundreds of emails to get there. The head of recruiting must pick up the phone and establish a frank and direct exchange in order to be able to represent our client well as the position to be filled and to see if this corresponds with its expectations (nature of the position, responsibilities, salary, geographical location, work-life balance, etc.).

While you're looking for a plant manager, maintenance manager, buyer, project manager, software developer, sales manager, engineer or electrician, we assure you that we can assist you.

We have been recruiting the best candidates for almost 20 years.

Our area of expertise: recruitment for engineering, management positions, engineering technology, IT, sales representatives, procurement, etc.

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