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5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a recruitment company / headhunter

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a recruitment company / headhunter

As you know, companies can no longer simply rely on the quality of their products and services to stand out. Nowadays, the real competitive advantage lies in the quality of human capital. However, in areas as advanced as supply, management, engineering, information technology or sales and representation, for example, finding the rare pearl is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

t is often at this point that the limits of the human resources department of a company appear, the general resources of which are no match for the expertise of recruitment companies, which are much better equipped to get their hands on professional candidates. and experienced.

Now which recruiting company should you choose? Here are five mistakes to avoid when it comes to making your choice:

Confusing placement agency and recruitment company

It’s important to understand that these are two very different types of services. If a temporary position can be filled through a placement agency, or even through a CV bank, when the time comes to hire specialist staff for permanent positions, a recruiting firm is better able to fulfill the task.

Entrust complex mandates to generalist companies

In the same order, there are different types of recruitment companies: generalists and specialists. Without neglecting the importance of the position of forklift driver, for example, it goes without saying that the candidates are raining compared to those capable of occupying a position of senior software engineer; a position that will be better filled by a recruitment company specializing in the field.

Rely only on the price to decide your choice

When we talk about human capital, price should never be the only factor to consider. Do you want to remain among the best in your field? You have to do business with the best recruiting companies that will find the best candidates. In addition to pricing, the company's expertise, approach and specialization are all factors to consider. And understand that what you can perceive as a surplus to be spent will most of the time be amortized in a few months thanks to the competence of the unearthed candidate.

Believe that the size of the company goes hand in hand with its expertise

It’s nothing less than the difference between the specialty computer store that has adapted to all trends and the Future Shop chain that has just closed. Who do you think has the best expertise? To ask the question, is to answer it...

Ignore company history

In the field of recruitment, know it, there are many called, but few elected. If everyone can claim to be a recruiter by renting an office and plugging in their computer, surviving in this highly competitive field is much more difficult than it seems. Therefore, it may be preferable, depending on the position to be filled, to trade only with companies that have stood the test of time, because this is already a guarantee of quality in itself!

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