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TechnoGénie recruits specialized candidates and seasoned executives in various sectors.

Since 1999, TechnoGénie has been offering turnkey recruitment services for complex job postings for companies and organizations across the province of Québec.

Our expertise in your industry.

  • Information Technology and Communications
  • Scientific Techniques and Skilled Trades
  • Sales and Representation
  • Engineering and Sciences
  • Senior Executives / Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Production and Manufacturing

The TechnoGénie approach, a proven method

Our structured recruitment approach allows you to find the best candidates to suit specific postings.

Why should I do business with TechnoGénie?

Recruitment Made Easy

Recruitment can sometimes prove to be an extremely difficult, demanding task. Many positions that need to be filled are in sectors with a widespread labour shortage, where employers are competing for the top candidates.

We serve as advisors and partners in your success. We put our know-how to work for you in order to help you track down the RIGHT candidate.

Executives and Specialized Candidates

We specialize in filling highly complex positions (executives, CEOs, plant managers, operations directors, production managers, etc.).

We do not merely post job openings on certain websites or send them to data bases of generic clients.

Our team knows how to seek out qualified candidates where they are! With this approach, we have successfully carried out over 1000 recruitment contracts. Find out how we can help you.

20 Years of Success

We have built up a success rate of over 90% over the years. We can attest that we are able to meet your expectations and work with you throughout the whole recruitment process. Recruitment is what we do: we have been transforming potential candidates into interested applicants for 20 years.

So, whether you are looking for a plant manager, a procurement specialist, a project manager, a software developer, or an electrical technician, we are willing to bet that we can help you out.

Risk-Free Collaboration

We have every confidence in the quality of our work and that of the candidates that we will bring you. When we commit to working with you on recruiting a candidate, we offer an after-hire guarantee to protect your investment.

In the event of a dismissal for just cause or the voluntary departure of the new hire, we will be happy to find you another candidate who meets your expectations, at our own expense.

Choose to be guided through a better recruitment process.

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