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A constant presence in several sectors of activity

This sector includes manufacturing (broad manufacturing sector) and the distribution of products of all kinds. We are talking about machinery and equipment, high technology equipment, aerospace, automotive, furniture, food, clothing, metal processing, metal products, and so on.

Despite the slow decline of recent years, the transformation of this sector has increased the demand for specialized and skilled human resources. We have strong recruiting experience in this sector, both for SMEs and large companies. Over the years, we have filled positions such as project management engineers, design engineers (mechanical or electrical), designers, plant managers, metal workers, electrical supervisors, Maintenance specialists, procurement manager, purchasing manager, etc.

This sector includes forestry and mining. More specifically, the wood products industry and the pulp, paper and cardboard industry are represented as well as all mining companies. The natural resources sector employs more than 100,000 workers in Quebec.

Despite the upheavals in this sector, which is subject to high volatility according to economic cycles, the Quebec government considers that the renewal of a quality workforce will be one of the major challenges and a high demand in the coming years.

Whether you are looking for a factory manager, an engineer or a maintenance specialist, our recruiting team has the knowledge and experience to help you recruit your valuable human resources. This is one of the factors that explains our success since 1999.

The energy sector in Quebec has a unique personality all over the world. Quebec's energy strategy relies heavily on hydroelectricity, but the wind power industry has also been in full development over the last few years. Quebec also relies heavily on energy efficiency and innovation, not to mention the oil and gas sector, which provides well-paying jobs. In the environment, Quebec consulting expertise is recognized worldwide and Quebec has many companies specializing in this sector.

Research shows that the sector would experience an increase in demand in the coming years and that recruitment will be an important challenge. With many years of experience, we have recruited staff (project manager, operations manager, industrial hygienist, etc.) over the years for various clients from the environment and energy sectors. We have the expertise and experience to recruit quality candidates and to guide you throughout the recruitment process.

The construction, engineering and real estate sector is one of the most important economic sectors and the demand for skilled and experienced human resources is very important. Whether we speak of construction contractors, civil engineering works (roads, streets, bridges, dam), specialized contractors (building mechanics, regulation), or the management and maintenance of property real estate or engineering consulting firms, we have solid experience in this sector as a whole.

Indeed, we have carried out dozens of recruitment mandates related to this sector. Whether you are looking for a project engineer, appraiser, designer, project manager, superintendent, construction manager, property manager or material resources or a general manager, we will be able to help you.

The information and communications technology sector has the greatest impact on the innovation and competitiveness of Quebec businesses. This sector includes the manufacture of various hardware (electronic, audio and video, etc.), software development and computer services as well as communication services. ICT plays a growing role in Quebec's economy and overall outreach abroad.

The recruitment and retention of specialized human resources are major challenges in this sector and the scarcity of labor has been repeatedly criticized, documented and studied. This environment is changing rapidly and yesterday's needs are not necessarily those of tomorrow. Our head of recruiting team is able to find you the best talent, and to do that, you have to be able to think outside the box. Whether you're looking for a software engineer, a mobile application developer, a security analyst, an information and communications technology manager, or any other position in the industry, feel free to contact us.

Whether you work in the pharmaceutical field, materials manufacturing, biotechnology and healthcare, medical technology or natural health products, we can work together for your success.

Despite the upheavals in the pharmaceutical sector, the demand for human resources remains strong in this important sector of Quebec's economy and the life sciences are decidedly one of the sectors of the future.

We have carried out several recruitment in this sector such as validation and quality specialists, maintenance managers, project engineers, factory managers and many more. Contact us for more information.


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