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Our 6 tips to recruit high-standard candidates

Our 6 tips to recruit high-standard candidates

You are not told anything by telling you that today recruiting is a very difficult task, especially for profiles of a certain level.

You have to think outside the box.

The recruiting team at Technogénie gives you these tips on how to stand out in order to attract potential candidates to fill key positions


1. Close collaboration with the client

At Technogenie, we are transparent with our clients and this, during the whole time of the mandate. We are not trying to do fantasy, we adapt ourself to the market reality.  This is the key to the success.

From the beginning, if we see that the profile sought do not reflect the job  market (for example being too demanding, no flexibility, inadequate title position, salary too low vs experience) we tell it first and then propose alternatives.

This kind of work team allow us to establish a bond of trust with the client, we are working for him.

If you are working in the RH team of your company, you need to consider the internal persons who are asking a recruitment for a position to fill like your client. : You have to establish a great collaboration and negotiate the terms in order to face the market reality and to make it easy for you.

2. Technical knowledge, a must to be successful

We keep hearing that we are facing an economy knowledge and tell yourself recruitment is not an exception! To have success, we need to develop our comprehension on the positions we are recruiting for. How can we evaluate a potential candidate without knowing the requirements?

We do not hesitate to take the necessary time with our client to identify the technical part of his expectations and to communicate with him throughout the file if we have questions. As the saying goes, experience cannot be bought, but acquired! There is no place for embarrassment here so we are quick to ask all the questions to get a good understanding of the skills required.

3.Candidates sourcing: Linkedin, Linkedin, Linkedin

Linkedin is an inescapable and it needs to have the good technical research because, with more than 660 million of members, we can easily lose ourselves.

We always start to select the most important criteria for our position. From here, we will use the Boolean operators, because they allow us to find more candidates and get rid of the ones we don’t want. 

We are simultaneous using few search fields which will allow us to target the relevant profiles. For example: the key words (English / French), line of company’s business, years of experiences, etc.

We advice you to ask your employers to finance a Linkedin training, it will be really useful and be tolerant with yourself, we improve our self with time.

4.First contact: the good old phone still has its place

Nowadays, we need to go door to door and spark the candidate’s interest.

The Inmails and emails are good, but it’s not the more efficient solution. We just have to take the phone and call the candidate, like the old times, and that work! We can reach more people and introduce them the position, the company and the relevant informations.

But you have to be patient! The candidates currently working may not be able to return your call straight away.  You need to take time to revive candidates.

You may not have time but try to take that time to call the candidates et talk with them. Your response rate will be higher, it will worst it.

5.Attract the candidate's attention: we want to stand out

At Technogénie, we always find a way to attract people, who are not even looking for a job.

A good recruiter is a hybrid between a seller and career coach. He know how to sell the position of his client, advising the candidate and answer his questions in the same time.

It is necessary to highlight the positive points of the position and use them to arouse the interest of potential candidates: place of work, schedule, flexible schedule, work-family balance, possibility of advancement. It is not uncommon also that we have to motivate people to go see what the potential employer could offer him despite their reluctance. A candidate for an interview is an opportunity for a client to seduce him.

6.Being in seduction mode: the shortage is very real!

We must listen the candidate, set up our clients in seduction mode, explain that nowadays, recruitment need to be approach with a win-win position and find a way to use the current candidate position as a motivation.

Suggesting interview early in the morning or at the end of the day, coaching the clients to give them a good first impression, giving news as soon as you can, etc  are just a part of few things we are doing.

When reasonable, we can even make "special requests" to clients who could help us attract a potential candidate. We don't limit ourselves to anything: an extra week of vacation, flexible hours, continuing education, a day of telework to reduce travel during the week, etc.

The final word

Recruitment is often an extreme sport and if, despite all your efforts, you have positions that remain problematic to fill, do not hesitate to contact us in order to benefit from our expertise or to discuss your need, without no obligation on your part. We will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

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