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Be ready to take on the various challenges and obstacles you will face throughout your career and during the recruitment process: check out our various articles.

LinkedIn, an essential tool

LinkedIn has become one of the key ways to market yourself as a candidate and to look for a job. With a network of over 350 million members, it can be hard to make sure you stand out. Find out how to use this platform and successfully market yourself.

Your résumé, a key communication tool

Your résumé is a crucial element in your job search. An effective résumé will get you an interview, while an unexceptional one will hinder your ability to get that opportunity. See how to put your best foot forward and find out what distinguishes one résumé from the rest of the pile.

Looking for a job?

Looking for work is a journey that, more often than not, is fraught with pitfalls. This process brings its share of stress, insecurity, and second-guessing. In this section, you will find a variety of articles to help you be better informed and better equipped to make real progress and find the job that is right for you.

How to prepare for a successful interview

An in-person interview is still the most common method that employers use to assess applicants, and with good reason. Some people are more skilled than others at marketing themselves in this decisive step. Learn more about how you can make an impression and be the one the interviewer chooses.

Tips for better career management

Your career will generally span decades and will be an important part of your life. It can follow a linear path or an upward curve, or it can fluctuate without warning. Here, you will find articles dealing with different aspects of your career, with a wide range of advice on the subject to help you achieve your goals.

The art of negotiating your salary

Salaries and the negotiation thereof can be sensitive topics and discussing them can get emotional. They say, "You don't get the salary you deserve... you get the one you negotiate." The same often goes for your conditions of employment. Here, you will find a number of tips on the subject to help you prepare for your next negotiation.

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