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Talent hunting services are really expensive. Really?

Talent hunting services are really expensive. Really?

Recently, I had a long and frank discussion with a client with who the company has business relationship since few years. He was telling me about his big disarray vis-à-vis of all the recruitment difficulties and the many bad hires he did theses last few months, and even these last few years. To be in the context, the client is a manufacturing PME with about 250 employees in Montreal South Shore.

This client was telling me that he found our services expensive and that was the reason why he wasn’t sure about entrust us with his positions more often. I took the time to discuss with him and do the analysis regarding one of his last bad hiring, knowing the recruitment of the factory director. He told me that he filled the position with the one and only application he received following the display of the position on differents recruitment websites. The forema

He described as interesting the only candidate met and having a pleasant personality. He also mentioned to me that he had doubts from the start about the candidate for various reasons. (more corporate profile than hands-on, geographic location far from the factory, etc). but with the lack of other potential candidates, he decided to put aside his doubts and go ahead with this application. A few days later and after a short negotiation he finally found his new factory manager.

As you can imagine, the love story has been unfortunately short and last only 8 months.  Quickly, the client told me that his doubts has become reals! His factory director was spending all his days in his office, to produce and analyze spreadsheet and except 15 minutes in the morning, he was never on the floor. That was the total opposite of the client’s needed.   That latter told him several times about the situation, but nothing changed because for the new director, his place wasn’t on the floor but in his office. The foremen were here to do this job.  After 8 months, he didn’t have any other choice to end the contract with the new director.

I made him realize that by wanting to save money on the recruitment fees, he has to pay approximatively 100 000$ in salary to a candidate which is not in position anymore, to assume  a loss of productivity regarding his factory during few months, having instability in a key position and do again all the recruitment process for his factory director position.

He said he was perfectly agree with me and it is never a good thing to recruit a candidate on which we have doubts since the beginning just because we don’t have other potential candidates applications to consider, and at the end, a bad hiring is much more expensive than the recruitment fees.  As a recruitment specialist, our job is to make sure this kind of situation doesn’t happen and that the candidate who will be hired match the client expectations.

At Technogénie, we think that every recruitment is different and deserve the implementation of a strategy adapted to each of our client’s objectives. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

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