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Recruitment trends in 2021

Recruitment trends in 2021

The pandemic marked a radical change in the way we live and work. New challenges have arisen in our global economy and companies have had to adapt and thus put in place the appropriate measures in the recruitment process.
Understand what the trends will be for this new year 2021 is essential, so that you are ready to bring top talent into your team.

Teleworking remains anchored in mores

It goes without saying that telework is on the way to becoming for many employers the next standard for 2021 and perhaps even permanently in the coming years to come.

According to a study published by Justin Lavelle, Gartner (Source), 74% of companies plan to move at least 5% of their on-site workforce to telecommuting positions.
Recruiters should take this into account when communicating roles and expectations, so that they know exactly what is needed.

Hire beyond your own region

While the employer once had a predilection for people who did not live too far from the company, this is no longer the case in this post-Covid period. With the introduction of teleworking which tends to become more and more popular, distances are no longer essential.

An increase in virtual interviews

Video interviews have become very popular in recent years and employers have had to adapt their hiring procedures.

Even if companies have resumed their face-to-face interviews, candidates may be reluctant to come. So companies will have to continue to adapt in 2021 and advocate video maintenance as much as possible. Making sure to make it a decisive step will be the key to success because recruiting only by video is totally achievable!

To best conduct these interviews, know that clear communication before and after is essential and manages expectations. Slow down, smile more, and allow plenty of time to resolve technical or connectivity issues before you begin.

Soft skills and technical knowledge become crucial

In a changing context such as ours, it is essential today to know how to evolve and adapt to the latest trends. Although hard skills remain important, recruiters are becoming increasingly sensitive to soft skills and the ability of candidates to demonstrate them in an interview.

And this will be all the more the case in 2021! After a year such as 2020, recruiters are looking for profiles with very specific soft skills.

Autonomy and adaptability

The future for 2021 is still unknown to us, and we still do not know how long telework will be. We have to adapt to the current job market and the year 2021 will be marked by sometimes unexpected changes. Recruiters will therefore be looking for profiles capable of being fully autonomous and adapting to any type of situation.

In adition, communication, problem solving and collaboration will always be important. The employer is in fact looking for employees capable of finding adequate solutions, even in difficult and changing circumstances.

Psychometric tests are growing in popularity

Since a new hire is now less likely than ever to hire a face-to-face recruiter prior to onboarding, recruiting needs to effectively assess remote talent. This may explain the growing demand for psychometric testing as a standard recruiting tool.
As the world of work becomes more complicated, employer talent assessment methods have also become more complex. Using science-based psychometric tests saves you time and allows you to zoom in on ideal candidates faster.

The e-recruitment becomes trendy

E-recruitment is defined by the fact of managing the entire recruitment process in a dematerialized manner. In an increasingly competitive market, it makes sense to adjust recruitment methods as best as possible. You will understand that digital tools are a great help to us on a daily basis and facilitate the recruiter's job, whether it is for the sourcing of candidates, the management of applications or even job interviews. Continuing to digitize all stages of the process is one of the recruitment trends for 2021.

Here some advices :  

Simultaneous use of several tools to publish a single job offer on different job sites ;
Sending automatic emails after each past recruitment stage ;
Use of application management software (ATS) in a collaborative manner to continue recruiting between teams.

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