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Can I search for a job despite the Covid-19 crisis?

Can I search for a job despite the Covid-19 crisis?

Despite the particular situation related to the Covid-19 crisis, the planet continues to turn and companies still have positions to fill. So if you are a job seeker, you can indeed continue your search, but you will have to adjust to the situation.

Indeed, for the majority of companies, changes have been made to the recruitment process and you can expect longer delays than usual in the recruitment process and a more virtual recruitment process than normal time.

I therefore recommend that you do not hesitate to ask these two following questions if the company contacts you in order to follow up on your application:

1.    Can you inform me of the recruitment process and steps put in place to take into account the situation with Covid-19?
2.    What is the schedule for the various stages of recruitment and for the candidate's entry into the post?

That being said, the same basic rules for an effective job search remain Covid-19 or not. Here is a quick overview:
•    An efficient and up-to-date CV;
http://The recipe for a winning resume (resume template for free download)

•    A complete and well-presented LinkedIn profile;
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•    Maintain good relationships with external recruiters / headhunters;
headhunters : how to react to their calls ?

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•    Have a quality telephone interview in an appropriate environment;
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•    Be very well prepared for your interviews;
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I wish all job seekers the best of luck and I am confident that collectively we will be able to weather the current crisis.

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