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Head hunters : How to react to their calls?

Head hunters : How to react to their calls?

Your mobile phone rings, the person present herfelf, announces the purpose of the call and ask you if it’s a adequate moment to discuss?

You are taken aback and surprised?

You should know that this kind of callis often surprising because it is unexpected. We call them commonly head hunter and they all have the same purpose :  find the best talent for their client. But how manage this situation at the best? What attitude should I adpot?

1. Play the honnesty card

If a headhunter contact you, be flattered ! That means your profile stand out and have sparked the recruiter interest and he wants to know a bit more about you. Your interlocutor knows your situation and is aware that you are not waiting for his call, that it will be unexpected for you. If you are at work with colleagues, if you are not alone or simply if this is not a good time for a call interview, ask him to call you back at an other time more adequate for you.

2. Stay open and listen to what the head hunter could offer you

It is possible that you are busy in a wingspan project, or you may still have many challenges to relieve and that your career progression isnot over yet in your current position. We are pleased that everything is going on perfectly for you and we understand perfectly the situation. However, do not neglet what the head hunter has to offer you. Even if you are not currently in active research, it could be interesting to know the job market and the opportunity that could be offer to you. We never know what will be tomorrow and who knows, maybe this opportunity will be the one that will boost your carreer?

3. Show you pleasant and motivated

When a head hunter approach a candidate, he will try to put forward all the benefits of the position so that his interlocutor be intersted in the job. (Best salary, best social benefits, best work atmosphere…) But it’s all about equity and everyone must find what is the best for everyone.Be curious and dare ask questions regarding the company, the work conditions, the potential perspectives evolution.

4. Be polite and stay discreet whatever the circumstances are

You must know that if the companies call on recruitment experts, it’s either because they are having difficulties to recruit by themselves for a precise position or because they want to be discreet regarding their research of potentials candidates. The head hunter always ensure a full confidentiality for the recruitment process, and they will never inform the current company of the candidate. If, on your side, you may be interested by a job opportunity, it’s obvious that you will ensure privacy to your company and do not communicate your approach!

5. Offer to keep in touch with the head hunter

However, if the head hunter didn’t convice you for a new job opportunity, inform him about your situation that you don’t want to apply for the job in question, while remaining courteous. Although, you can propose to keep in touch and tp join his network, in order to collaborate in the futur on new opportunities, in case of change of situation !

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