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How to create the perfect LinkedIn profile - A 6 steps guide for recruiters

How to create the perfect LinkedIn profile - A 6 steps guide for recruiters

A 6 steps guide for recruiters

Why is your brand image more important than ever?

With opportunities everywhere - and in greater quantities than before - you don't choose a talent. It's the talent that chooses you. When your job is to find quality candidates or impress future clients, you must have a brand image that stands out from the rest!

Step 1 : Put your best profile forward

Your photo is the first thing a candidate sees. In fact, just having a photo gives you more visibility and connection requests. When it comes to a profile photo, make sure it's professional and friendly.

Also, since getting in touch with people is your job, you may want your profile photo to be taken by a professional photographer. While you are at it, consider involving the whole company!

Step 2 : Create a description that truly represents you

The description on your profile is directly under your name. You could very well just enter your job title. But does it really represent your skills and the impact you can have? Look at your description this way: With the exception of your profile picture, this is the only other important factor that can allow you to make a good first impression.

Step 3 : Create a summary that tells your story

"Seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience"

Does this sound familiar? A general summary does not demonstrate who you really are, what you can do and how passionate you are about your job ... essential things to gain the confidence of new applicants and clients. Instead, use your resume to list your goals, passions, accomplishments, and your mission as a recruiter. In other words, tell people why they should connect with you.

Step 4 : Build your credibility with referrals

Candidates want to work with people they trust. There is no better way to gain their trust than by showing them that you are good at what you do. Focus on recommendations from people who can demonstrate your real experience.

Step 5 : Create a memorable career page

A career page on LinkedIn makes it easy to create a good resource for candidates looking for insight into your company's culture, growth opportunities and the benefits it offers. You can give an overview of the professional life within your company by using testimonials as well as personalized messages.

Step 6 : Help candidates find you

Now that you have a radiant presence on your LinkedIn profile and a page dedicated to your company, the last step is to make sure that the candidates notice your company and the vacancies. To do this, LinkedIn offers several tools that you can use to increase your chances of hiring good candidates.

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