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How to make your Linkedin profile attractive ?

How to make your Linkedin profile attractive ?

Really popular network amongst the professionals, Linkedin continue to grow in popularity to gain the 6th place of the most used network. The platform gained 50 million users in a year, from 610 millions in 2019 to 660 millions of members worldwide in 2020 (source).

We notice that 94% of professionals use Linkedin. Indeed, there are more than 30 million businesses on the site and 44 million jobs opened in 2020. A study also revealed that out of 122 million people approached, 35.5 million were hired through their contact on Linkedin. To view the full article, click here.
Facing these statistics, you will understand, Linkedin is a giant network which tends to grow more and more each year. You understand why Linkedin is a key player in the success of your business and a must in the development of your identity and digital visibility.
Here are our recommendations to make your profile attractive.

Care for your profile picture

A professional profile picture can generate 14 times more views than other kind of profile photos.  This helps to create more credibility on social networks. Linkedin is not the place to show your last holidays. It is the perfect place to establish professional’s links, build your brand and grow your business. The best practice is to use the same photo on all your professional social networks.

Choose a title for your profile

A good profile title is the most important feature of your Linkedin profile because it is the most viewed item on your profile. It must be eye-catching, very precise and it must make you want to know more and get in touch with you. Use keywords describe your achievements, those details will help to catch attention in search result listings.

Personalize your URL

This is a crucial step for your profile to stand out more in search engines (via google for example).  In addition, if you want to add an potential employer to consult your page, the electronic address you will attach to your email will be much shorter. If your name is already taken, you will need to be creative by adding a hyphen or underscore, a middle name etc.

The influence of skills and recommendations

The skills section is on of the  ways that recruiters use to find you.  Think carefully about which skills are the most relevant to your profile’s visitors and which one represent you the best.  We recommend you enumerate between 3 and 5 suitable skills to increase your chances of being seen and to put the most meaningful skills first.
Equally important, written recommendations are personalized, they can provide real added value. This is a good way to optimize your profile and stand out from other candidates. Ask for recommendations from people your work or have worked withs such as colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers. Recommendations have more value if they come from former leaders or managers.

Enhance your content

You must attach a huge importance when you are writing your profile. Refine your keywords according to your goals, expand with links, videos, and shares. Faced with a competitive market, consider having a profile in several languages, especially in english and french.
Do not hesitate to detail each of your missions in your differents previous jobs. This part must have content to find your keywords and so that your recruiter can quickly get an idea of your background.

Operate informations sharing and notifications

Publish from the home page or in groups you have subscribed to is one of the best ways to make yourself frequently visible to your network. Favor sharing of post in the professional field and without external links.

Proofread yourself again and again

The spelling and grammatical mistakes are unforgiving and have a more negative impact than elsewhere due to the professional context. It is therefore preferable to revise your texts rather to often than not enough and if necessary, to have your profile proofread by a person known for his talents in French.

Be active and updated

To gain visibility, no secret. Only consistency matters. You have to stay active and stand out on Linkedin. Don’t let your profile die. If you never publish anything, you will be considered inactive on the network and therefore of little interest to your prospect.

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