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Retention problem: why are your employees leaving?

Retention problem: why are your employees leaving?

At a time when many companies are competing for ingenuity in recruiting, retaining and treating their employees with onions, others see them leaving and must continually train new ones. It's day and night. How can we remedy this? First by becoming aware of the problem.

Here are ten reasons that may explain why you have a problem with the retention of your precious employees.

Management problem

You know the saying: "Employees don't leave companies, they leave their managers" If you want to be able to retain your best employees, you also need to have competent managers.

Bad Employee Promotions

A promotion given to the wrong person is doubly damaging. Not only does it ensure that the new manager will be continually perceived as an irritant, but those who thought they deserved the promotion in question may be tempted to go see if it can be reached elsewhere.

Lack of motivation

Do you remember how motivated your employees were to work for you during their first months of hiring? Are they still? To prevent unpleasant surprises, the time has probably come to have a good conversation with them and go there with a follow-up and / or evaluation meeting.

Difficulty balancing work and family

Another factor that varies over time is the status of the employees themselves. Most of them were young single people in their twenties when they were hired, perhaps they have started a family since then. They therefore have different needs that you need to consider. It is important to adjust your company policies to the reality of your human resources. What was good in 1999 is no longer necessarily good in 2019.

Non-competitive salary

There is nothing like not being competitive in terms of salary to encourage them to go and see if the conditions are not better with your competitors. It is important to review your salary policy frequently to be able to stay on top of other companies in your region and / or in your industry.

Lack of recognition

However, it is not just the salary that matters. For some employees, recognition is just as important and taking them for granted can be the worst mistake.

Work overload

By overworking your employees, you will quickly find yourself with a double problem: the best will leave and those who remain will have to invest part of their time in training new recruits. The resulting loss of productivity is enormous.

Stifling framing

Do you want to stifle the creativity of your best employees? Drown them in endless procedures and set up managers practicing micromanagement and you will see them jostling at the exit.

Bad working atmosphere

Never underestimate conflicts between employees. If a problem occurs, kill it in the bud rather than letting the situation escalate. An atmosphere of conflict can cause employees to come back to work at first… and not at all afterwards.

No future

According to Forbes magazine, advancement opportunities have been at the forefront of graduates' concerns in recent years. Certainly not all employees dream of being promoted, but those who want it must understand what is required to move up the ranks.

Retaining your employees is a must for the success of your organization. Despite all your efforts, if you have positions that remain problematic to fill, do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our expertise or discuss your need, without any obligation on your part. We will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

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