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The CV: a capital tool

The CV: a capital tool

The CV is the first contact we have with a candidate and it's your first chance to make a good impression and meet the expectations of hiring managers. Therefore, CV writing should always be taken seriously. A well-written CV is a CV that meets the specific requirements of the available position.

While remaining concise, it is very important that the CV clearly reflects the person's work experience, education and skills. The goal is to pique the interest of the recruiter or hiring manager in order to land an interview.

Here are some relevant tips to improve your CV:

Use a readable font and correct syntax and spelling mistakes.
Be brief and to the point when writing. No resume too long, you risk losing the reader's attention.
Clearly indicate the relevant information: names and contact details, training, experience in chronological order, qualifications and skills. Make sure you relate your skills to the requirements of the job.
Add relevant details to support your application according to the job offer: languages, computer skills, achievement, awards received, qualification cards and professional associations, etc.
Avoid bulleted lists that are too long so that the employer can read your resume more easily. Between 5 to 7 chips should be sufficient. You will always have the opportunity to give more details in an interview.
A CV should be written in an impersonal manner, not an “I”, “Me” or “My”. Prioritize infinitive verbs and action verbs.

So, put the odds on your side and take the time to write an interesting, attractive CV that will stand out from the crowd. Once completed, your CV will show that you are the right person for the job. This is your gateway to your dream job.

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