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Top 10 of CV mistakes that could cost you the obtention of the desired position

Top 10 of CV mistakes that could cost you the obtention of  the desired position

In a competitive job market, it is essential to have a winning resume

According to an article written by Mss Ronda Suder, following a survey of 379 specialists in recruitment and human ressources, even if you are a qualified candidate, a CV error apparently minimal could make the difference between a job interview and missed occasion. If you want your application to be forwarded to the managers, avoid thoses CV writting mistakes.

To read Ms. Ronda Suder's original article, posted on the Top Resume website, click here.

1. Spelling and grammatical errors

The modification of your CV to remove spelling and grammatical errors can be obvious. The only fact to mention it could make laugh most of the candidates. However, this CV error was the first thing remembered by the specialists who answered to the question: What are the worst CV errors that job seekers should avoid?

Jonathan Jones, Investment Development Manager at Point72 Asset Management, suggest the following advice for the CV redaction: ‘’ Ask someone to read your CV and check this king of mistake. It could be hard to see this king of mistake by the person who wrote it.  A second pair or eyes could help’’.

 In addition, try to print your CV to revise or use a correction stool for the research for the   contextual spelling mistakes.

2. Invalid or missing contact information

The main goal of a CV is to be contacted for an interview. If there is some relevant contact informations missing or if the contact informations are false, the recruiters won’t be able to contact you.  In addition, you must be detailed in order to give your informations correctly.

Also, be careful with the location and the format you will use in your CV. Never put your contact informations in the header part of a Word document and never stick your contact informations as an image. The ATS  (Applicant tracking system) cannot read this informations and will indicate your contact informations as incomplete in their system.

3. Using an unprofessional email address

It is useful to have a serious and professional email address which represent you and not someone you want to be. You don’t want a recruiter to miss your qualifications just because your email address was something like hipster.hottie.

4. Include outdated or irrelevant information

If you have outdated or irrelevant informations on your CV, it will go to the trash. Avoid including your age, hobbies, or marital statut in your CV. This kind of informations show that you are not aware of the current standards regarding CV redaction. This let you to be eliminated for discriminatory reasons related to the age and the gender. Usually, except this could be relevant for the position, it doesn’t belong in your CV.

5. Unable to demonstrate and quantify results

A recruiter wants to see the results you have achieved in your previous positions. This shows because it shows the potential that you have to play in the role they are trying to fill. The results are best described as quantifiable results, business growth figures, increased sales, proven return on investment etc. Without showing or providing quantifiable results, it may seem like you have responsibilities, without taking initiative or obtaining concrete results.

6. Use of buzzwords and / or obvious keyword stuffing

It is important to include in your CV the key words of the job offer, in order to allow the recruiters of the ATS (Applicant tracking system) to select the right candidates. However, make sure to include the key words in an efficient way.  If you use a lot of key words, it will be obvious for the recruiter.  Ask someone to read your CV to se if the key words you used are accommodated in the text.


7. Being too generalized or not to customize to match the to-do list

You don’t need to review your CV for every application you send. However, you need to adjust your CV to align it with every job you apply for. Stefan Lilienkamp, associate and recruiter director at ClarusApex said : The lazy applications without any adaptation to the coveted job are a huge mistake. The final result for the candidate is being ignored and in the worst case, being on the blacklist. In addition, the personalization of your CV will guarantee that your application won’t be rejected by the ATS.

8. Repetitive words or identical phrases used in several job descriptions

When a recruiter read the same words or phrases on a CV, it became redundant. You can also give the impression of not worrying enough about making an effort to use a variant of action-oriented words and being specific to each position listed.

9. Include a photo

Except if you are an actor, or if you have another obvious reason to include a photo in your CV, leave it. In North America, it is unusual to include a photo and it could be appears selfish or demonstrate a wrong judgment if you include one.

10.The format and design too elabored

Regarding the CV format, less is usually the best. Choose a simple and refined CV, which values spaces and allow the reader to browse quickly your informations and understand your professional career.

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