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Here’s why we are exeptional recruiters

Here’s why we are exeptional recruiters

With a employment rate historically low and a generalized rareness of candidates, the business and rate success of the recruitment specialist is more than ever truly  tested.

In this context, how can we explain that we can maintain a success rate of more than 90%, while others recruiters are having hard times to fill their positions?

Putting blame on a specific factor would be too reductive because many factors contribute to the problem, including the lack of recruiter’s experience and the big pressure from enployers on their shoulders.

Considering time is one of the most precious recruiter’s asset, few problems as recruitment process too long and complex and a limited training has the effect to disadvantage recruiters and harm their success.  The recruiters are facing a historicaly low employment rate, a rareness of a qualified labor in most of the industries and therefore, to external factors that worry even the most  experienced recruiters.  

Theses force add up to bring to highlight the lacks of many recruiters, who are often under-trained while having too much work to do.

To understand why we are exceptionals recruiters, we need to start at the begenning : target the right candidate, establish links with them and create a pleasant recruitment experience for them and finally, obtain their fully trust.

More specifically, this is what we do to have exceptionals results :

We know how to analyse the needs of our clients and don’t hesitate to put them back at their place and recommend modifications

If the job description has a lack of realism, the search won’t start properly and the recruiters willl search someone who won’t fit the need of the organization. The best recruiters understand the benefit to do more work as soon they start the research (for example, to do a serious analysis with the recruitment managers in order to valid the need) to guarantee a positive result thereafter. Indeed, it is counter-productive to start again a recruitment because of a lack of a realistic and well-defined need from the start.

We pay particular attention to providing a quality candidate experience

The recruitment process takes all the factors into account as candidate’s experience at every stage of the processus.

The personal connexion is important more than ever. To recruit effectively, you have to get potential candidates through the steps in a thoughtful and confident manner.

At every stage of the processus, a quality bilateral communication is essential. The constant confirmation of informations, the active listening and the frequent statut updates are required. When recruiters neglects thoses steps, they risk to loose the candidate, but they also expose the company to a negative corporate image.

We are 100% aligned with the hiring manager and / or with the direct supervisor of the desired candidate

It may be one of the most  difficult thing to realise, each recruitment manager offering a different perspective. The head recruiter knows which kind of person match the best the culture of their team and the non negociable skills. The best recruiters are seasoned surveyors, knowing exactly how to ask questions to qualifie theirs skills and by using  their instinc to determine their relevance.

The best recruiters determine really early and how often each manager prefer communicate, either by phone, email or other.  They develop a meeting strategy according to the manager and they adapt to the differents applicants, to make sure the process stays on track and tay aligned with expectations.

The best recruiters enforce as well as experts to whom the recruitment managers turns to have advices. They advise their clients regarding the remuneration, the job  description rédaction, the recruitment strategy to adapt, the job offer, etc. Furthermore, they manage the client expectations during all the process and know how to do a report clearly and concisely.

A good relation and  an effective and honest communication with the recruitment manager are essentials to have success.

Finally, recruitment evolve with the years but the base of good recruitment practices remain the same : know how to etablish the need, treat candidates with care, and being perfectly aligned with the applicant. It was like this at my begenning in 1999 and it’s still the case today.

If you have any positions difficult to fill, do not hesitate to communicate with us in order to benefits our expertise or to discuss your need, and this, without any obligation from you. We will be pleased to exchange with you and answer all your questions.

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