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5 advices to fight against the lack of skilled workers and have success in your recruitment

5 advices to fight against the lack of skilled workers and have success in your recruitment

With a employment rate around 5% in Québec and about 120000 position to fill, make it twice of what it was 3 years ago, there is a lot to bet your company, as much as others, is having difficulties when time comes to fill in a position requiring a high level of qualification. The following text propose you 5 advices that could help increase your recruitment success.

1. You should consider more the personality and the willingness of the candidate instead focusing of his experience.

Obviously, it is really hard to recruit perfect candidates for a position while there is a workforce shortage like the current one, the numbers of perfect candidate on the market is much more reduce. If it’s not necessary to have a set of specific skills, you may consider more the motivation of the candidate to join your company and his desire to learn and develop himself.  It’s a winning solution for all the person concerned, because the employee improves his skills by giving you the opportunity to develop and train him according to the criteria originally sought.

2. Develop your employer brand

Promoting how sexy it can be to work in your business has never been so relevant.It is more than even important to position yourself as an employer of choice near potentials candidates.Develop her employer’s brand is not only reserved to the big organizations. Even the PME can place the value of the company at the center of their employee brand strategy. Usually, employer’s brand can be influenced by the following aspects: the value and the culture of the company, the working conditions, the personal and professional blooming of the employees, the managers’ quality, the valorization of the company’s talents, the remuneration and social advantages and the social involvement of the company.

3. Review the content of your job description

We are not in 2009 anymore! A lot of companies are still using few jobs descriptions containing a long list of required qualifications and experiences which are not really necessary for the position. Describe accurately the basics qualifications required for the position, focusing on the main responsibilities that’s the candidates will really assume.

4. Go of the beaten track in your job posting sources

Why still and always use the same job posting website (jobboom, monster, jobillico, etc.) which at the end is expensive and doesn’t generate any results or maybe just a little? In times of workforce shortage, active job seekers are rare and who says low rate of job seekers means not much results with the job posting. Why not try campaigns via Google Adwords, Google Display, Facebook, etc.More than ever, you must be creative to reach as much as possible potentials candidates.

5. Do not hesitate to ask expert talent hunter for help

Despite all your efforts, great are the chances so that few positions will remain really difficult to fill in. If this is the case, do not hesitate to ask for help from recruitment specialist as the one working at Technogénie. Do not hesitate to communicate with us in order to benefit of our expertise or to discuss about your need, and this, without any obligation from you.  We will be pleased to answer all the questions you may have.

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