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6 bad actions that will make you lose a potential candidate

6 bad actions that will make you lose a potential candidate

You thought you had found the ideal candidate, but he spun you in your hands? It happens to all of us, but if this happens to you frequently, perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions about your recruiting practices. We present here 6 actions which make the candidates flee and which are to be avoided absolutely in order to maximize the success of your recruitment!

Here are 6 bad deeds that will make you lose a potential candidate

1. You don't make a good first impression

Are you among those who believe there will always be enough good candidates to fill your vacancies? Think again: we live in an era where excellent workers are courted by several companies and recruiters. If you want to get their attention, it's important to give them a good impression of you and your business. Act in a professional and polite manner. Above all, avoid playing the card of arrogance or indifference.

2. You are asking too much

If you are the type of person who leaves many voicemail messages and sends multiple emails to applicants, look no further. Just give them the essential info and most importantly, give them time to think. Avoid looking desperate! In addition, too long or too complicated a recruitment process tends to scare away interesting candidates, and while you are planning your fourth interview, they will likely receive and accept an offer from another company.

3. You ignore the candidates

At the oppostite, avoid leaving candidates in the dark. Keep them informed of the various stages of your recruitment process and inform those who have not been retained. Keep in mind that you may need them in the future and they will probably not apply again if you have not even bothered to give them enough consideration to follow up with them.

The reputation of a business can affect its attractiveness. Also, when a candidate shows up for an interview, avoid making them wait unnecessarily, be respectful and attentive, and if they email you questions, respond quickly.

4. You are too intrusive

If you ask a ton of personal questions to all of the candidates who come in for an interview, it's no surprise you don't hear about them afterwards. Nobody wants a boss who constantly interferes in his private life! Show your interest by questioning the candidate about his motivations for working for you but avoid asking too personal questions whose answers do not concern you.

5. You can't sell the job and your business well

The interview is not only a time during which the candidate can share his strengths and experience in order to land the desired job, it is also an opportunity for the employer to take him around the job. to allow him to meet his future potential colleagues, to explain to him concretely what his tasks would consist of and even to speak to him about the values and the mission of the company. Making the candidate feel that they are already part of the team is a great way to develop a sense of belonging from the first interview.

6. Your offers are not competitive vs the market

This is it, you found the rare pearl, you made an offer, but you do not have any more of his news or, worse still, he refuses it immediately? Did you offer him a competitive salary or did you try to save as much as possible? The candidates are not stupid. They know their value and are often aware of the salary they can expect to receive based on their education and experience.

Making an offer that is too low never has anything positive: either you will lose the candidate or he will accept the job, but will leave at the slightest opportunity when he finds that other companies are ready to pay him at fair value and by then he will harbor resentment towards you.

We are no longer in 1999

Whether you are an employer, a human resources manager, a recruitment consultant or other, you must realize that good candidates are precious, sought after and that they will not remain interested in offers on the walked for a very long time. Keep in mind that you are most likely several employers competing. This is why we advise you to put yourself in seduction mode without further delay when you think you have found the rare pearl.

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