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7 tips to attract talents in 2018

7 tips to attract talents in 2018

Your employees are more and more numerous to take their retirement and you have some difficulties to attract new talents? Here few strategies to maximise your chances to hiring the best talents.

The strategic recruitment will allow you to decrease the pressure you are facing when you need to fill a position. By following those few steps, you will also avoid having the best talents stolen by your competitors.

1.What are you exactly looking for?

To ensure hiring the right person, you will first have to know precisely what you are looking for.  This could seem simple, but not that fast! Take the time to make a precise list of the qualities and skills required in the person you are looking for also the list of the tasks to accomplish.You could right a specify job offer, attract the right kind of people and make the right choice at the time of the hiring. Ensure to display your ad wherever candidates in your field are looking for work (Website of you company, websites of job search in your field, social networks, local newspaper). On the web, ensure as well to use the right keyword so that the candidates can easily find your ad.  People need to understand what kind of service you are offering and what are your values so explain it in your offers and on your website. You will have more chances to attract professionals who think like you!

2.Don't make applicants wait unnecessarily

You are the kind to give 2 or 3 interviews to the candidates and let pass few weeks between each step? Bad idea! Don’t forget that a person who is looking for a job will send her CV to differents places et may accept an offer from someone else if you it takes you too long. Don’t make the mistake to hiring the first person either just because you really need someone, whatever it cost. Make the best choice for your company.

3.Make recruitment your priority

Dedicate few minutes here and there to the recruitment process is not enough anymore. If you are not able to devote enough time and nobody in the company can take regularly, entrust this process to a recruitment firm like Technogénie which will save you a lot of time and avoid you missing out on the best professionals.

4.Keep all the relevant applications

Even when you have no vacancies, take the time to take a look at all the applications you receive and keep all relevant CVs in one file. So when you need a new employee, you'll already have some of the work done. Also take the time to follow up with those you will not immediately hire, but whose CV has caught your eye. If you don’t even take the time to respond to them, chances are they will leave a bad impression on your business and will not contact you when you have vacancies.

5.Encourage spontaneous applications

Likewise, use your website and social media to clearly invite interested professionals to send you their CV. Businesses that do not have a visible email address on the web are missing out on several interesting candidates.

6.Be visible in your community

Whether by participating in discussions in groups related to your field of business on social networks or by attending events related to your professional activities, let yourself be seen by job seekers so, once again , to receive spontaneous applications regularly and to facilitate your work when the time comes to hire.

7.Stand out by offering advantages

Set up a relaxation room with pool tables, table tennis and table football, organize outings for your employees, start a running club, schedule relevant conferences on the schedule, offer a competitive salary, insurance and a Pension funds and allowing your employees to work from home, if possible, are all proven ways to make the best people want to work for your company. Looking after your professional image will always make you win big! Companies that have great values ​​and that treat their employees with respect and recognition never have a problem filling their vacancies. They even have less than the others because their employees enjoy it and work there for a long time. Just ask yourself what the candidates are looking for and how you can meet their needs, and voila! You can even ask your current employees why they like working for your company and what they would change.

Do you need a helping hand in your hiring process? Contact the experts at Technogénie! We will help you with pleasure.

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