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Up to 66% of the workers would consider switching their job : what does this mean for you and your company

Up to 66% of the workers would consider switching their job : what does this mean for you and your company

According differents surveys, up to 66% of the workers would consider a new job opportunity from another employer.  This could be seen a treat or a danger for few companies, but also s potentials candidates for other companies in this period of labour shortage.

As far as I am concerned, my work brings me to be on the same side as the one who see a great opportunity to potential talents for my clients. Indeed, we all know it’s almost impossible to recruit an happy and blooming employee in his job. Some companies are having big troubles to loyalty and keep their employees while it’s the opposite for others.

As an employer, you must put in place effectives measures in the main to maximise retention of your employees in order to avoid being (in order to avoid to be yourelf more often in the position among talents providers). I know its impossible to keep 100% of your employees, but its always better to have a low turn-over in order to reduce the cost related to the recruitment, integration and training.

The fact that about 66% of the workers would consider other job opportunities allows my team and me to keep a really high success rates in the recruitment mandates we have been apportioned for, and to establish ourselves more than ever as a strategic partner for the acquisition of our clients' talents.

Indeed, despite the full employment and with more than 4 000 000 of workers in Québec, that means more than 2 600 000 workers are potentially open to new opportunities. Nowadays, a good recruiter must be seller and a career coach, so the 2 600 000 people represent a of potentials candidates who just want to be convince of the merits of changing job.

The first motivation that brings workers to consider changing their job is to get a best wage. However, being able to benefit from non-monetary improvements is follows very closely by a simple taste of change or lift up a new challenge.That means considering the decision of changing job or not depends on few factors, and the recruiter talent and experience can make all the difference.

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