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5 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer

5 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer

You've spent the past few weeks hiring with your new potential employer, they made you an offer and you're thrilled. You walk into your employer's office with your resignation letter - "I'm leaving, it's time to move on. However, your employer asks you to stay. He promises you that things will change.

Does this sound familiar? If not, be aware that you need to be prepared for a situation like this, since it is becoming more and more common. Surprised that we strongly recommend that you do not accept this counter offer?

Here why…

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Do you think your employer makes you a counter offer because they finally appreciate you? Think Again.

You didn’t become a more valuable employee overnight. Your employer just doesn't want to deal with the headaches and disruption that you will leave. Interviewing, hiring and training is expensive and time consuming.

The counter offer is only a response to your departure

The situation should not have gone that far. You approached your employer looking for a bigger salary, a better work environment, a different team, more responsibilities, a promotion or a job with more challenges, but you got nothing. Will you have to put a counter offer in the hands of your employer each time you want better working conditions? You should never have to threaten to leave your job to get what you really deserve.

Accepting a counter offer can seriously affect your relationship with your employer

Most employers are not particularly fond of being in a position where they have to create a new opportunity. They may perceive him as blackmail and now that you have shown what could be considered an affront to your loyalty to him, you will no longer be seen as a team player, you will no longer be trusted and your reputation will suffer.

Your future in the company will be affected

So you got your promotion, more money, better benefits (or whatever it was), but what about the next time there are promotions and increases? Will you pass under the table? Probably. The next time there are cuts and layoffs, will you be in the mix? Even more likely.

Most importantly, things will not change

Irritants. Those things that made you reconsider your post the first time - they're still there. Maybe you are happier. Maybe you can afford to buy the car you wanted so much. On the other hand, irritants, they will return. The only thing that has really changed is your salary. You tried to get what you wanted from your employer, but found it elsewhere. Did you know that the majority of people who accept a counter offer leave after 12 months? And, again, in the end ... nothing has really changed except your pay.

However, if you decide to accept the counter offer, put in writing everything you have been promised, as well as the deadlines that must be respected. However, do not be surprised if this does not go as planned.

Make sure you finish things right with the employer or agency you were dealing with for the new position. First of all, chances are it's a small market and you don't want to waste your time. Second, many people have put a lot of time and effort into this process and, out of professional courtesy, they deserve to be notified.

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