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You had an interview. What do you have to do now?

You had an interview. What do you have to do now?

Here how to keep your name on the top list, without becoming a parasite.

You just had a job interview for a position which will be a big step in your career.  You know that you need to stay at the top of the list and you want to contact your current potential employer, but you don’t know how to do. Naturally, you don’t want to seem to rushed or annoying. Then what is the best way to approach this?

Regarding an article written by M. David Tal, it is important to stay visible in the eyes of your interviewer, but there is still a limit not to exceed. Read those steps to ensure that your approach is appropriate and that you are noticed.

To read the original article of M. David Tal, published by the Financial, click here.

The appreciation email

The appreciation email is the easiest and beneficial way to do a follow-up.  Write an email to your interviewer, in a 24h notice after the interview to thanks them for the opportunity and v and to have given you time. The email must be short and brief. They will see that you are courteous and professional, but more important, they will have a remind of your name and the interview you just had.

Ask for a response notice

Before to leave the interview, ask what the next step of the recruitment process are. By this way, if the interviewer tells you that a decision will be made in about a week and you had the interview about 10 days ago, you have a valuable raison to do a follow-up. Once again, the email must be short. Tell them the notice they gave you and ask them if they took a decision. This kind of follow-up is expected by the employers, they won’t be irritated.

Sign up on Linkedin

Adding your interviewer on Linkedin is an easy and indirect way to do a follow-up. (Not on Facebook, stay professional). You could also add the company, if they have a profile.  Linkedin may offer you the chance to comment or « like » an event or a shared article by the interviewer, which give you another opportunity to get noticed.

Simply follow-up

The last, send a follow-up email. Don’t ask every time if they took a decision, just send a professional email, on a short notice after your interview. A good approach is to ask if there are other documents that you could send to facilitate the hiring process. By this way, you seem enthusiast without being anxious. Avoid asking the question: «Do I have the job? » and try to help them carry on.

Choose only one or two of these steps. There's nothing worse than looking impatient and irritating to your potential employer, to the point where he is afraid of seeing your name in his mailbox.

Staying in touch after an interview can be difficult to do properly. There is a very thin line between being professional and being boring. However, the steps above should help you get over this hurdle and stay in the mind of your interviewer.

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