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The risks and dangers of recruiting

The risks and dangers of recruiting

After investing time and money in training an employee for a few months, they announce their resignation to you and once again find you with a position to fill. Are you familiar with this scenario? If so, you may not understand the difference between filling a position and hiring a candidate for the long term.

Generally, just about anyone can fill a position. You buy a storefront business, place a “staff requested” sign in the window and you're done. The same is true of temporary or seasonal positions, which can be filled quite easily by most human resources departments. Often times, if the company has a good reputation, it won't have to look any further than its own CV bank.

That said, in terms of finding experienced and quality employees in job categories in which we work where the scarcity of labor is omnipresent and to ensure their long-term services, often nothing beats a recruiting company like ours. Why are you wondering?

Because recruiting on your own can cost more than you think

"Why not just do it internally? Is possibly one of the worst ideas around because you always look at the savings you can make, but never what you spend to achieve those savings. For example, it may seem economical to set up your own housekeeping or technical maintenance department ... but that's not counting the costs that you will have to devote to the purchase of the equipment, the salaries of the employees who are occupy them, the cost of repairs to be carried out, etc. For many businesses, the savings are not enough and outsourcing is the best solution. On a related note, estimate the time spent writing the job description, posting it on job boards, browsing resumes, making initial contact with candidates, conducting interviews with managers, to validate the candidates selected with management, to make an offer ... very often at least the worst candidate rather than the best.

Because limiting yourself to filling a position is the worst option possible

Just because you found ONE candidate doesn't mean you found THE candidate. The ideal candidate is not the one that costs you the least to recruit, but the one that will save you money in the long run. Because it is a fact that one of the biggest hidden costs associated with labor is a high turnover rate. Recruiting yourself is probably already more expensive than you think, but training an employee to see them leave, or worse yet, fire them after a few months is even more so. Especially if this little merry-go-round repeats itself several times a year. Taking a chance to hire the least worst candidate to fill your position, in order to save on recruiting costs, is the last of the scenarios to consider, because the chances that this hiring will turn out badly are very present!

Because recruiting companies offer a guarantee

Know this, just like with any goods and services company, serious and professional recruiting companies offer a guarantee of a few months after the hiring of the candidate. It's a security you can never have by limiting yourself to filling a position yourself. In short, when we talk about companies specializing in recruiting, the return on investment always pays off!

To avoid finding yourself in this situation, we invite you to to contact us to benefit from our expertise.

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