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Why the recruiter does not call me back?

Why the recruiter does not call me back?

Have you met a recruiter but haven't heard from them even though you think you are the perfect candidate? Do not panic. Yes, your CV may not be up to par or the job may be on the ice, but that can also - and more importantly - depend on a host of outside factors. Here are a few :

Recruiters do not work for the candidate, but for the company

If there is one truth that eludes most people, it is this. You just have to think about it. The companies pay the recruiting firms and it's up to them to keep their customers happy.

The recruiter's job is to fill a position

In the same vein, it should be understood that the recruiter's first task is to find the right candidate for a position and not to find the right job for a candidate. From there, even if you don't get a call for the position you have applied for, it is very possible that the recruiter will contact you for something else.

Recruiters are busy

Also, understand that the average recruiter works on a dozen files at the same time, if not more, which means that he is constantly in interaction with hundreds of potential candidates. Do not take it personal if there is no time to call each of them back.

It takes more time to fill a job than you think

For the most demanding positions, such as executive positions, finding the right candidate can take up to six months. Therefore, the higher the position for which you have applied, the longer the wait is likely to be.

Some positions are not filled by the recruiter

Structural reorganization, redefinition of tasks, promotion: several factors can explain why the company changes its tune and decides to fill the position internally. In this case, even if you are the best possible candidate, you will probably not hear from you; the recruiter dedicated to finding new positions to fill.

Not all hiring criteria appear in the job description

Did you do your best to make your CV match the job description as closely as possible? This is fine, but these criteria should not be seen as unique. Although they can be discussed between the company and the recruiter, questions surrounding the candidate's personality or company culture rarely come to the ears of the candidates themselves.

The recruiter is not omniscient

Surprisingly, sometimes someone is seen by the recruiter as the ideal candidate, but no matter how much they recommend them, the recruiter is not the one hiring. A fussy employer may dismiss all applicants out of hand and ask the recruiter to suggest more. Once again, you have to understand that the recruiter's priority is to meet the employer's expectations and not to contact candidates who have failed to land the position.

In the end, the more satisfied the recruiter's clients, the more mandates they will give them and the more positions you can apply for. In short, everyone wins! In addition, rest assured that the majority of recruiters who respect themselves, will contact the candidates who have been interviewed to inform them that their application has unfortunately not been accepted.

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